Despite a terrible family tragedy AJIT SINGH 12, settles into his new home and environment in the middle of Australia with his brother RAJVEER 20, and single dad SARJEET, 50.

Unfortunately, due to his beard and turban that he keeps faithfully according to his Sikh heritage Rajveer finds it unbearable to be constantly labelled a terrorist . Rajveer decides to join the army and leaves home despite their father’s objection.

Thinking it was cool that his brother is on his way to become a hero at first, Ajit soon realises the danger that lies await for his brother. Fearing for his safety, Ajit convinces Sarjit to go after Rajveer. Unfortunately, the treacherous road in the outback takes Sarjit’s life during a fiery crash.

Now alone, Ajit not only has to survive the outback, he also has to find Rajveer to offer a last prayer for their father and, according to his cultural beliefs it has to be done within ELEVEN DAYS.


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